Amsterdam Skills Centre

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State of the art skillscentre

3.700 m2

Top European Skills Centre, training and education multiple thousands of people each year.

Go to Spacious Wetlabs & Drylabs

Spacious Wetlabs & Drylabs

500 m2

Spacious mulitfunctional wet labs, 12 fully equipped OR-stations on 500m2.

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Multipurpose Meetingrooms

500 m2

Large classrooms with the latest AV and streaming options. Room for up to 200 pax.

Go to Work, Lounge & Lunch

Work, Lounge & Lunch

1.000 m2

Plenty of space to work, lunch, lounge and relax. Including bar and large terrace.

Why go to Amsterdam?


To the Amsterdam Skills Centre
Building the next generation learning platform.

The Amsterdam Skills Centre (ASC) is affiliated with Amsterdam UMC, a merger of the two leading academic centers VUmc and AMC.

We are building the next generation learning platform to generate, apply & spread the knowledge about new ways of surgical learning, training & teaching.

The ASC centre will be one of the top European skills centres, training and educating multiple thousands of people each year, bringing people from more than 100 countries to Amsterdam to improve their skills & improve general patient safety. Our aim is to steepen the learning curve & shorten learning times by up to 33%, through educational research, by using big data, building new tools, and the worldwide collaboration of healthcare professionals developing the ‘Amsterdam New Way of Learning Skills’.

  • Increasing patient safety by technology & training of the job.

  • Steepen learning curve & shoren learning time by 33%.

  • 5 billion (65%) people do not have access to safe surgical care: every minute 271 required surgeries fail to be performed.

  • 28% of the global burden of disease is surgical: ASC builds a platform, methods and tools to help.

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